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You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

By Duane "Dog" Chapman

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ISBN 10: 1401303684
ISBN 13: 1401303684


Duane “Dog” Chapman entertains and inspires millions on Dog the Bounty Hunter, his #1-rated show on A&E — but there is more to his story. From troubled beginnings and tragedy to triumph and transformation, he reveals all for the first time in this no-holds-barred memoir.

Dog spent the first twenty-three years of his life on the wrong side of the law. In You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide, he offers an inside look at his days as a gang member; his dark years of addiction and abuse; and how serving eighteen months in prison for a murder he didn’t commit helped him recommit to his faith. He also shares stories of some of his most dangerous bounty hunts — including his capture of Max Factor heir and convicted rapist Andrew Luster, which made international headlines.

In You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide, Dog recounts his incredible story, chronicling his journey from his onetime criminal past to the guiding faith that has led him to become one of the most successful bounty hunters in American history. Against all odds, Dog turned his life around and went from ex-con to American icon in the process. This is his story.

“Bounty hunting isn’t your average nine-to-five job. But then, I?m not your average guy. I have had guns pointed in my face so many times I’ve lost count. I have been stabbed, beaten, scratched, beat up, and hit with every imaginable (and unimaginable) weapon of choice. I’ve been tossed through windows, pushed through walls, and shoved through doors. Does that make me a tough guy? You bet. Bounty hunting is definitely not for the faint of heart. But I don’t do it to prove I’m tougher or smarter than some other guy. I do it because I have been there. I have been the bad guy. I know firsthand how messed up the system can be. Despite it all, I still believe in truth and justice. My name is Duane Lee Chapman. My friends call me Dog, Dog the Bounty Hunter.” –from You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide


Chapter One
I Am Dog

My name is Duane Lee Chapman. My friends call me Dog — Dog the Bounty Hunter. For more than twenty-seven years, I have made a living hunting down more than seven thousand fugitives. I wear that hon

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You Can Run but You Can’t Hide