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Where Serpents Lie

By T. Jefferson Parker

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ISBN 10: 0786889446
576 pages

Do you dare to look Where Serpents Lie?

He takes them from their beds at night and releases them unharmed within a day — dressed like little angels with a piece of snakeskin tucked into the folds of their gowns as a memento. They are blindfolded and gagged throughout the ordeal, so they cannot describe their captor — nor do they know what happened while they were in his care. (Thank God.)

Terry Naughton, head of Orange County’s Crimes Against Youth unit, faces the challenge of a lifetime when children are being kidnapped but released — and the people of Southern California are terrified for their safety. The cops don’t know what the criminal wants — but they do know that his brand of psychotic behavior always escalates in scale. Will the next child never come back?


“This taut police procedural mixes high suspense with believable characters; it’s a real page-turner.” —Library Journal

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Where Serpents Lie