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The Wild Girl:
A Novel

By Jim Fergus

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ISBN 10: 0786888652

Now in paperback, a stirring historical novel from the author of One Thousand White Women

When Ned Giles is orphaned as a teenager, he heads West hoping to leave his troubles behind. He joins the 1932 Great Apache Expedition on their search for a young boy, the son of a wealthy Mexican landowner, who was kidnapped by wild Apaches. But the expedition?s goal is complicated when they encounter a wild Apache girl in a Mexican jail cell, victim of a Mexican massacre of her tribe that has left her orphaned and unwilling to eat or speak. As he and the expedition make their way through the rugged Sierra Madre mountains, Ned?s growing feelings for the troubled girl soon force him to choose allegiances and make a decision that will haunt him forever.

In this novel based on historical fact, Jim Fergus takes readers on a journey of magnificent sweep and heartbreaking consequence peopled with unforgettable characters. With prose so vivid that the road dust practically rises off the page, The Wild Girl is an epic novel filled with drama, peril, and romance, told by a master. This is the novel your reading group will be talking about long past your discussion!


?A literary, but accessible tale . . . beautifully told.? —Newsweek

?. . . a tragic life seen through a prism of time, heartbreak and distance . . . has been refracted into something poignant and spiritual.? —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

?. . . history, romance and enough adventure to make us wish by the closing chapter that the story didn?t have to end . . .? —Rocky Mountain News

?A captivating tale.? —Boston Globe

?Illuminated with the technicolor scenery of a John Ford western.? —Gotham

?Grandly, cinematically imagined.? —Vail Daily News

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The Wild Girl:
A Novel