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The Hearse Case Scenario

By Tim Cockey

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ISBN 10: 0786889950
448 pages

From the highly praised author of The Hearse You Came In On and Hearse of a Different Color comes the third Hearse mystery featuring that drop-dead gorgeous undertaker-sleuth, Hitchcock Sewell.

Cockey’s new mystery finds Hitch up to his ears in murders, and the latest clues point to a Baltimore nightclub. Following his nose, Hitch uncovers a host of nefarious goings-on as well as some downright strange characters, including a felonious artist, a Miles Davis wanna-be, an Ida Lupino look-alike, and one very irritated dance instructor. Put them all together, throw in a bag full of cash and an incriminating Polaroid, and you have another surefire, humor-laced hit from one of the freshest voices writing in the mystery world today.


“This quirky book is sure to delight existing fans and send new readers in search of the first two in the series.” —Publishers Weekly

“Just as fresh and fun as its predecessors . . . smart-mouthed hero, vivid, fully developed supporting cast.” —Booklist


from Chapter One

Apparently I was the first person Shrimp Martin called after Lucy Taylor shot him. It was a Saturday afternoon. Early June. The sun was high and I was low. I had a wicked toothache and I had just gotten off the phone with a guy named R

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The Hearse Case Scenario