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The Day the Falls Stood Still

By Cathy Marie Buchanan

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ISBN 10: 1401341365
ISBN 13: 2147483647

“A wonderful love story . . . Buchanan weaves Niagara Falls’ history and her storytelling together masterfully.”

1915. Niagara Falls. The dawn of the hydroelectric power era. Seventeen-year-old Bess Heath, who has led a sheltered existence as the younger daughter of the director of the Niagara Power Company, meets Tom Cole by chance on a trolley platform and finds herself inexplicably drawn to him—against her family’s strong objections. Tom is not from their world. Rough-hewn and fearless, he lives off what the river provides and has an uncanny ability to predict the whims of the falls. His daring river rescues render him a local hero and cast him as a threat to the power companies who seek to harness the power of the falls for themselves. As the paths of Bess and Tom become entwined, Bess must make a painful choice between what she wants and what is best for her family and her future.


“Few first novels exhibit the mastery, maturity, and majesty of Buchanan’s riveting fictional debut, a heart-wrenching, soul-racking, spellbinding tale interwoven with guts, anguish, and glory guaranteed to remain in readers’ minds.”
The Globe and Mail

“[The Day the Falls Stood Still] stands on its own elegant prose and the vibrant voice of its narrator.”
USA Today

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The Day the Falls Stood Still