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The Bone Parade

By Mark Nykanen

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ISBN 10: 1401300189
432 pages

A terrifying page-turner that penetrates the psyche of a killer.

“They moved here from Pennsylvania. Harrisburg to be precise. Public records are extraordinarily revealing. I always use them. I simply don’t want a family that’s moved from one side of town to the other or from two streets over. Better they’ve made a big move, far from those who know them or might miss them in an hour, and evening, or on the day that follows. Give me a day and I’m gone for good. And so are they. . . .”

Ashley Stassler is not your average artist. He has been wildly praised for a series of bronze sculptures that group families together, depicting them in moments of excruciating physical and emotional pain — but the art world has no clue as to how he creates such authentic, gruesome, seemingly tortured human representations. He assigns each family a number, and now he’s up to number nine. What’s in store for family #9? Cruelty and savagery that you can’t even imagine . . .

The Bone Parade introduces a villain who is as methodical, calculating, and detached as any found in the best fiction. It’s gripping. It’s chilling. You might be too afraid to read on, but you’ll never be able to tear your eyes away.


“. . . this one is not just chilling, but clever, insightful, and even has an eerily funny serial killer.” —King Features

“Nykanen’s . . . killer shines as he feeds off the family’s emotional breakdown . . . should satisfy anyone hungry for a clever psychological thriller.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“The creepiest page turner since The Silence of the Lambs . . . Smart and scary!” —US Weekly

“This novel has so many twists even the most jaded readers will stick with it . . . descriptions are vivid and emotional.” —The Toronto Globe and Mail

Parade goes down easy. Real easy.” —Entertainment Weekly

“A longtime television investigative reporter . . . continues his impressive transition to thriller writer with a harrowing serial killer tale . . .” —Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“You won’t be able to stop reading . . . Nykanen speaks directly to the reader . . . He’ll scare the life out of you.” —Salem Statesman Journal

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The Bone Parade