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Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Sex and Character

By Pepper Schwartz

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ISBN 10: 0786885483
384 pages

Everyone agrees parents must talk to their children about sex, but the questions always arise: How do I start? What should I cover? Ten Talks offers advice on exactly how to begin and what to say — not just about sex, but about safety, character, peer pressure, ethics, meeting people on the internet, and mixed messages from TV. Ten Talks is based on innovative and proven approaches that the authors are using in parent workshops across the country. The talks can be adapted for all kinds of families and offer immeasurable rewards, strengthening the relationships of parents and children. This innovative and illustrated book helps prepare kids for the complex world of relationships, sex, and growing up.


“. . . helps parents and their children have those vital talks about sex, health, relationships, and most importantly, strength of character.” –Rita Creighton, Washington State PTA President

“Easy-to-use strategies that get young people talking.” –Frieda Takamura, Washington Education Association

“. . . parents now have the perfect book to help them talk with their kids about sex, love, and character . . .” –Judith Bradford, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

“. . . the facts, skills, and guidance parents need in order to begin what are likely to be the most important conversations . . .” –Vicki Harrison, MSW, National Education Association Health Information Network

“. . . respectful, creative, and family-friendly. Ten Talks is a 21st-century approach to providing much needed sexuality and character education . . .” –Dennis Worsham, “Washington, Can We Talk?”


from Chapter 1

How We Treat People

Talking about Sex and Character

I learned about body parts in school. The teacher never talked about relationships or m

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Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Sex and Character