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Tell Me the Truth, Doctor

By Richard Besser, M.D.

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ISBN 10: 1401324835
ISBN 13: 9781401324834
288 pages
$24.99 US

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“Hey, Doc, Got a Minute?”

No matter where Dr. Richard Besser goes, a day doesn’t go by without someone stopping him to ask that question. Often, that person is one of the millions who have come to rely on the vital information he shares on “Good Morning America,” “World News With Diane Sawyer,” and “Nightline.” ”

Now in response to thousands of inquiries from viewers, Dr. Besser has written his first book—a comprehensive health guide that will both inform and surprise as he deciphers fact from fiction for nearly 70 confusing medical questions, including:

• “Should I take a daily aspirin to prevent a heart attack?”
• “If my doctors order more tests, does this mean they’re more thorough?”
• “Do I need thirty minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy?”

Recognizing the astonishing amount of misinformation that many important health decisions are based on, Besser’s commitment to delivering the truth is critical. He isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo—or the interests within the health care industry—to provide the knowledge you need to take control of your health. Eager to help you make the choices that are right for YOU, he organizes his easy-to-understand answers into six lifestyle categories, including diet and nutrition; exercise and fitness; vitamins, supplements, and medicines; beating illness and injury; and navigating the perplexing world of health care, as well as a chapter dedicated to the questions you wished you asked before the doctor walked out of the door.

Throughout the book, Dr. Besser smashes myths, while translating invaluable information into problem-solving advice you can use, including a “Dr. B’s Bottom Line” at the end of each topic. As accessible as it is empowering, Dr. Besser’s Tell Me the Truth, Doctor is a necessary addition to every home, office, and dorm room.

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Tell Me the Truth, Doctor

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