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Special Agent

By Candice DeLong

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ISBN 10: 0786890339
336 pages

A twenty-year veteran of the FBI, Candice DeLong worked on some of the toughest high-stakes criminal investigations of our time. As a field profiler, DeLong collected evidence at the scene of the crime to create a specific portrait of criminals via behavioral patterns, character traits, background, etc. Special Agent is her remarkable personal story — of drama and danger on the front lines of law enforcement, of the art and science of criminal profiling, and of the challenge of maintaining courage, wise-cracking humor, and grace under fire.

Candice DeLong tailed terrorists and helped track the notorious Tylenol killer; she was one of three agents hand-picked to mastermind the Montana manhunt for the Unabomber; and she went undercover for major stings, sometimes in such exotic roles as a gangster’s moll, and as a madam of a call-girl ringdubbed the “Candy Store.” As Profiling Coordinator, she was Chicago’s and until her recent retirement, San Francisco’s link to the Bureau’s legendary Behavioral Science Unit, spearheading investigations into the most recondite serial murders and sex crimes. Packed with fascinating details about her job, Special Agent reveals what life is like for a woman and for an agent on the front lines.


“Many readers will find Special Agent a revealing and instructive tale. For those of us who have spent our lives in some way associated with crime and law enforcement, it yields an unexpected incandescence.” —Washington Post Book World

“While some grisly details may disturb readers with weak stomachs, overall this is an engaging account of one woman’s noted career.” —Library Journal

“. . . highly personalized and full of juicy anecdotes that make it a (sometimes guilty) pleasure to read.” —Kirkus Reviews

“. . . ranks with the best law enforcement stories . . .” –Ken Follett


The call came at four o’clock in the morning. It was Tom, my squadmate on the San Francisco Child Abduction Task Force, who had a hot tip from the Nevada FBI. “Candice,” he told me, “a guy’s passing through town with a kidnapped boy. Wanna get in on the b

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Special Agent