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Silent Joe

By T. Jefferson Parker

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ISBN 10: 0786890037
400 pages

The #1 Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Red Light and The Blue Hour returns with a moody, sexy, suspenseful novel about a scarred man, the father he idolized, and the secret he uncovers.

With the horrible remnants of a childhood tragedy forever visible across his otherwise handsome face, Joe Trona is scarred in more ways than one. Rescued from an orphanage by Will Trona, a charismatic Orange County politician who sensed his dark potential, Joe is swept into the maelstrom of power and intimidation that surrounds his adoptive father’s illustrious career. Serving as Will’s right-hand man, Joe is trained to protect and defend his father’s territory — but he can’t save the powerful man from his enemies. Will Trona is murdered, and Joe will stop at nothing to find out who did it.

Looking for clues as he sifts through the remains of his father’s life — his girlfriends, acquaintances, deals, and enemies — Joe comes to realize how many secrets Will Trona possessed, and how many people he had the power to harm. But two leads keep rising to the surface: a little girl who was kidnapped by her mentally disturbed brother, and two rival gangs who seem to have joined forces. As Joe deepens his investigation — and as he is forced to confront the painful events of his troubled childhood — these two seemingly disconnected threads will intersect. Just how and why form the crux of this intricate, intelligent mystery that satisfies the mind as well as the heart — and reveals yet again the impeccable detail, vivid characterization, and emotional complexity that make a T. Jefferson Parker novel impossible to resist.


“A pro, that’s what T. Jefferson Parker is. His plots are intricate, keenly crafted, clearly mapped; his characters complicated yet consistent; their dialogues subordinate to fast-moving action.” —Los Angeles Times

“T. Jefferson Parker, whose affecting “Silent Joe” is . . . full of quirks and great surprises.” —Wall Street Journal

“He crafts an intricately layered story reaching beyond his usual domain into more personal territory, at times evoking the work of Ross MacDonald.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“The latest from best-selling author Parker offers another compelling take on one of his favorite themes: damaged souls forced to confront their own inner demons.” —Booklist

“Joe makes an eloquent and persuasive action hero . . . this is another highly professional score from a savvy veteran.” —Kirkus Reviews


from Chapter One

“Drive hard, Joe. Mary Ann’s blue again, so I want to be home by ten.”

This from the boss, Will. Will Trona, Orange County Supervisor, First District. Mary Ann is his wife.

“Yes, sir.”

“Talk while you drive. Are yo

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Silent Joe