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Seven Year Switch

By Claire Cook

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ISBN 10: 1401341640
ISBN 13: 9781401341640
272 pages

“[A] lively, warm-hearted look at changing courses mid-life.”

Just when she’s finally figured out how to manage on her own, Jill Murray’s ex-husband, Seth, is back —crashing into the man-free existence Jill and her ten-year-old daughter, Anastasia, have built so carefully. Jill’s life just hasn’t turned out quite the way she’d planned. By now, she’d hoped to be jetting around the world as a high-end cultural coach. Instead, she’s answering phones for a local travel agency and teaching cooking classes at the community center. Enter free-spirited entrepreneur Billy who hires Jill as a consultant for an upcoming business trip.  Suddenly, her no-boys-allowed life is anything but.

They say that every seven years you become a completely new person, but Jill isn’t sure she’s ready to make the leap. It takes a Costa Rican getaway to help her make a choice—not so much between the two men in her life, but between the woman she is and the woman she wants to be.


“Charming, engagingly quirky, and full of fun, Claire Cook just gets it.” —Meg Cabot, bestselling author of The Princess Diaries “Cook creates an impossible-not-to-love cast of imperfect, funny, wistful, and wise characters.” —Publishers Weekly “Reading Claire Cook might be the most fun you have all summer.” —Elin Hilderbrand, bestselling author of The Castaways

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Seven Year Switch