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Sammy’s House:
A Novel

By Kristin Gore

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ISBN 10: 1401309496
ISBN 13: 2147483647

Sammy is in the House!

“The stakes, the pressure, the perpetual potential for both extraordinary progress and crippling failure — everything was ratcheted up to a spectacular intensity, now that I worked for the president and vice president of the United States.”

In this incisive comedy, late twenty-something Sammy Joyce — hypochondriac, klutz, jumper-to-conclusions — is in the White House as a health-care advisor to the newly elected administration. All the chips seem to be falling into place: She’s living with her best friend, successfully keeping her pet Japanese fighting fish alive, and reveling in her romance with Charlie Lawton, an up-and-coming Washington Post reporter.

However, soon after taking office, the administration finds itself deep in a red-hot White House scandal. President Wye’s old problem with the bottle re-emerges. His family is creating havoc. And an informant within the administration begins leaking damaging information. On top of it all, a secret deal with an Indian pharmaceutical company for an experimental drug unleashes a fury that threatens to shake the administration to its core. While the White House braces for a fiery response within the Beltway, Sammy fights to distance herself from the turmoil that surrounds her personally and professionally. But at a time when she needs Charlie more than ever, he gets promoted and moves to New York. As the heat surrounding the Oval Office intensifies, the political climate and Sammy’s love life spiral out of control. Can she hold her ground when her relationships, ideals, and most importantly, her ability to trust are all coming apart at the seams?

In Sammy’s House, Kristin Gore brings a novelist’s eye to the inner workings of the White House, giving hilarious insight and a fresh perspective on political life.


“Kristin Gore’s novel is both fun and political . . . refreshing and charming . . . [Sammy’s] Hill and [Sammy’s] House both describe a Washington reality rarely captured in political thrillers and conspiracy tomes.” —USA Today

“The former veep’s second daughter knows how to turn Washington shenanigans into a lighthearted, fun read.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Witty.” —Glamour

“Gore’s second novel delves more deeply into the political realm Sammy inhabits. But her heroine remains compelling and thoroughly lovable, and readers will be thrilled to find Sammy back in the saddle again as she navigates the treacheries of Washington politics and her own love life.” —Booklist

“A hilarious and suspenseful six-month romp through the nation’s capital.” —BookPage

“Funny . . . illuminating, and even inspiring.” —Publishers Weekly

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Sammy’s House:
A Novel