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Room Full of Mirrors

By Charles R. Cross

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ISBN 10: 0786888415

Now in paperback, the national bestselling biography of American musical icon Jimi Hendrix

It has been more than thirty-five years since Jimi Hendrix died, but his music and spirit are still very much alive for his fans everywhere. Charles R. Cross vividly recounts the life of Hendrix, from his difficult childhood and adolescence in Seattle through his incredible rise to celebrity in London’s swinging sixties. It is the story of an outrageous life — with legendary tales of sex, drugs, and excess — while it also reveals a man who struggled to accept his role as idol and who privately craved the kind of normal family life he never had. Using never-before-seen documents and private letters, and based on hundreds of interviews with those who knew Hendrix — many of whom had never before agreed to be interviewed — Room Full of Mirrors unlocks the vast mystery of one of music?s most enduring legends.


?The results of Cross? assiduous reporting show through in every chapter. A remarkable portrait.? —Entertainment Weekly

?An excellent portrait . . . highly readable . . . unbeatable both for its moving depiction of [Hendrix?s] youth and for its mythbusting finality.? —Los Angeles Times

?Funny, poignant, provocative, and sometimes disturbing. Creates a more intimate portrait of the flamboyant rock star than previous biographies.? —Seattle Post-Intelligencer

?Mr. Cross?s detailed, engrossing book makes the memory of Hendrix even stronger.? —New York Times

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Room Full of Mirrors