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Recipes for a Perfect Marriage:
A Novel

By Morag Prunty

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ISBN 10: 1401308872
ISBN 13: 2147483647

Tressa is admirably sure of almost everything — her career as a successful food writer, her great friends, and her vibrant New York lifestyle. When Dan — good-looking, capable, and trustworthy — shows up on her doorstep, she hopes that he’s The One. Soon they are married, but once all the excitement of the wedding is behind her, Tressa is struck with an awful idea: Maybe Dan isn’t the great love of her life, much as she wants him to be. Amidst her uncertainty, Tressa finds an unexpected beacon: the journals and recipes of her grandmother, who had the kind of marriage that Tressa always believed she should have — the perfect marriage. Or so Tressa thought. They’re generations and oceans apart, yet in this charming, beautifully imagined novel, two women learn that marriage, like brown bread, is both sturdy and fragile, and never to be taken for granted.


“This delightful romantic tale from Irish writer Prunty will resonate with female readers. . . . The two contrasting plot threads play off one another in a revealing manner, adding to the charm and appeal of this unique novel.” —BookPage

“. . . written with so much heart, you can hear its beat and feel its pulse in every word on every page.” –Cecelia Ahern

“Not only an extremely entertaining read . . . also chock full of wisdom about all aspects of love and marriage.” –Cassandra King

“This is a wonderfully written and instantly engaging novel.” –Elizabeth Berg

“Beautifully illustrating her points with domestic scenes of confrontation and reconciliation, Prunty proves to be a surprisingly astute observer of marriage in all its complications.” —Booklist

“Sometimes sad, often tender, and with a few good laughs thrown in, Prunty’s novel is deeply moving.” —Romantic Times

“What’s wonderful about Prunty’s work is how crisply she captures her dual first-person protagonists . . . Prunty keeps a light touch on the deep and real stuff, always leavening the emotional catharses with large doses of humor.” —Edge Boston

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Recipes for a Perfect Marriage:
A Novel

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