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The Secret Life of Sororities

By Alexandra Robbins

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ISBN 10: 0786888598
384 pages

Now in paperback, the New York Times bestseller — with over 91,000 copies in print — that takes you behind closed doors to see what really goes on in America’s sororities.

Ever wonder what sorority life is really like? In Pledged, bestselling author Alexandra Robbins goes undercover to expose the dark side of collegiate sisterhood — the psychological abuse, hazing rituals, and widespread body image disorders — while at the same time introducing us to many of the intelligent, successful women within its ranks. The result is a compelling sociological exploration of the powerful influence that these organizations wield over young women today. With its fly-on-the-wall voyeurism and remarkable insight, Pledged paints a sharp-eyed portrait of the intriguing and paradoxical world of modern-day sororities.


“Alexandra Robbins rips into the secret, sordid underbelly of sororities.” —Vanity Fair

“The wild sorority sisters in Pledged make the brothers of Delta House look like altar boys.” —Time Out New York

“Fascinating and eye-opening . . . Pledged is still a powerful warning and an astonishing slice of American life.” —Washington Monthly

“Funny but alarming.” —People

“The narrative . . . is better than reality TV — it’s riveting.” —Elle Girl

“A juicy exposé on one (unnamed) university’s Greek system . . . You have to read these shocking true stories.” —YM

“Fascinating reading.” —Booklist



“Delta, Delta, Delta, Can We Help Ya, Help Ya, Help Ya?”
(or, So Do They Really Have Topless Pillow Fights?)

Because I’ve never been a member of any girl-only group other than sports t

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The Secret Life of Sororities

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