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Pill Head

By Joshua Lyon

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ISBN 10: 9781401310226
ISBN 13: 9781401310226

I was feeling no pain. I cared about nothing but this… Three Vicodin. That was all it took. I was in love…

Joshua Lyon was no stranger to substance abuse. By the time he was seventeen, he had already found sanctuary in pot, cocaine, and Ecstasy-just to name a few. Ten years later on assignment for Jane magazine, he found himself with a bottle of Vicodin and a decision: dispose of the bottle or give in to his curiosity. He chose the latter and found his perfect drug.

Pill Head is a compelling and honest book in which one man examines his own addiction, while investigating the growing epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse among today’s Generation Rx. Joshua Lyon uncovers the truth of recreational drug use to provide a story not just of descent, but of determination, a message of encouragement for anyone who is wrestling to overcome, who is looking for the strength to heal.


“Daring and honest, Lyon exposes the facts about painkillers and those who abuse them; he also fearlessly reveals his own intense, often frightening story. Pill Head is a terrific book.” -Scott Heim, author of We Disappear and Mysterious Skin

“Fresh, funny, smart, and vulnerable.” -Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl

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Pill Head