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Other Fish in the Sea

By Lisa Kusel

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ISBN 10: 0786888024
304 pages

In the style of The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, interconnected stories about a restless and charming young woman looking for meaning and love.

Elly Fisher is searching for her place in the world and for the love of her life. Leading us through these 10 interconnected stories, Elly links one intimate tale to the next as she drifts through Europe, sleeps with a married man, tangles with a roommate from hell, creates a stir on a cattle ranch in Colorado, answers singles ads from a Seattle newspaper, and more.

Clever and original, Kusel offers readers a kaleidoscopic perspective of a young woman’s life, told from many points of view and in the voices of several related characters. Each of the stories build upon one another to create an effect like that of a novel. What shines through is Elly’s delightfully unique journey of self-discovery. Other Fish in the Sea is an intricate, involving, disarmingly funny, and powerfully personal work, in the tradition of Alice Munro and Lorrie Moore.


“Lisa Kusel work’s is compelling, rich and multi-layered. Her style is tender and sophisticated and yet at the same time true, and she even dares to be harsh. Her approach is innovative and her characters intriguing. I felt she brought me dozens of lives to dip into.” –Adele Parks, Author of Playing Away: A Novel “Simultaneously haunting and humorous, Lisa Kusel’s Other Fish in the Sea is a moving reminder that before embracing love we must first remove the sharp edges.” -?Laura Wolf, Author of Diary of a Mad Bride and Diary of a Mad Mom To-Be “In these clearsighted, courageous stories of modern love, Lisa Kusel explores the distances — of emotion, geography, and time — that exist between women and men attempting to come together. Love is here portrayed as elusive, intractable, desirable — a struggle between privacy and intimacy, dependence and self-knowledge. In Kusel’s world, passion and romance are often set against the landscape, which functions alternately as haven and hindrance. I found myself rooting for Elly, the character who graces, in some way, each story. Once I entered her world, I couldn’t put this book down — I had to find out if she would ultimately find real love.” –Andrew Winer, Author of The Color Midnight Made “In Other Fish in the Sea, Lisa Kusel has accomplished quite a feat: a collection of interconnected stories and perspectives that reads, ultimately, like a novel, with a novel’s satisfaction. An adroit debut from a fresh, caustic, amusing, and always engaging voice.” –Sands Hall, Author of Catching Heaven


“During her drive home she smiled out the rolled-down window of the car, her hair whipping back. Tom had walked her to her car, and promised to call the phone number on the scrap of paper she handed him. After a perfunctory hug, he moved his mouth to her

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Other Fish in the Sea