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By Candace Bushnell

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ISBN 10: 1401341055
ISBN 13: 2147483647

Another look at the tough and tender women of New York City from Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City, Trading Up, and Lipstick Jungle.

In One Fifth Avenue, Bushnell tells the intertwined stories of five women at one swanky Manhattan address. One Fifth is the building ? the chicest, the hottest, the one with the best pedigree. And within its gorgeous pre-war walls, fortunes fall and rise in the early days of the new millennium. Here, as in her previous novels, Bushnell turns a gimlet eye on the social and sexual politics of New York?s elite, this time through the lens of where they live.


“ONE FIFTH AVENUE is a modern comedy of manners — a landmark novel, if you like. Its observations about money, the Internet, the function of art in society as wellas sex romps, social climbing and snobbery enhance Bushnell’s reputation as an astute observer of modern life….Carrie Bradshaw wannabes as well as women (and men) near Bushnell’s age — she turns 50 this year — will be pulled into this refreshing and highly entertaining novel about the power of money, sex and celebrity.”

“Bushnell…broadens her scope in her latest ode to New York strivers and sophisticates…The fun lies in the author’s acute observations about everything from real estate envy to midlife crises.”

“Where [Bushnell] goes, her army of stilletoed fans follow. You gotta love it: the conflict, the secrets-telling, the peek into the world of the rich and valueless. It all adds up to a juicy summer read.”
New York Post

One Fifth Avenue is all things an escapist read she be: quick and wicked and wry. There’s a blown-out bitch to root against, a star-crossed couple to root for, and a Tim Gunn-style best friend who deserves his own book. Great, guiltless fun.”
Entertainment Weekly

?Bushnell at her best, providing all the thrills of Gossip Girl for people who normally read Edith Wharton.?
?New York Daily News

?One great big guilty pleasure . . . A deliciously decadent New York story.?
?Minneapolis Star Tribune

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