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Night of the Radishes

By Sandra Benitez

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ISBN 10: 1401307825
288 pages
$12.95 US/$18.95CAN

Annie Rush has it all. A loving husband, adoring sons, an interesting job. But tragedy haunts her. Her identical twin sister died in a horrifying farm accident when the girls were nine years old, and in the wake of the grief and guilt that followed, her older brother left home for good. The death of her mother prompts Annie to seek her brother and revisit her long-lost past. Her search takes her to Oaxaca, where her brother was last seen, during the vibrant Christmas celebrations and the colorful Night of the Radishes festival; and ultimately, deep within herself.


“. . . a warm-blooded, full-throated story of redemption, reconciliation and magic; a reviving read.” –Faith Sullivan

“Benítez makes us wait for the truth to emerge, and as the mystery deepens, its meaning becomes clear: that all power lies in the telling; that the content of our stories matters less than the essential task of freeing ourselves from our burden of silence.” –Judith Guest

“The book’s easy familiarity with two cultures and its focus on spiritual growth through the course of a journey are much to its credit . . . a sweet, thoughtful story.” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“In Annie’s journey, the reader may find a kindred spirit and in Annie’s success, the reader may also find some of her own.” —Denver Post

“Moving story about loss, guilt, anger, and forgiveness, set against the colorful mingling of North American and Latin American cultures.” —Library Journal

“A story of love and desire, loss and redemption. A wise, lovely book.” –Alison McGhee, author of Wasn’t It Beautiful?

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Night of the Radishes