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Natural Blonde:
A Memoir

By Liz Smith

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ISBN 10: 0786890126
464 pages

Americas top gossip columnist spills the beans as she traces “five decades of battling press agents and editors and landing celebrity scoops.” (Variety)

From Tallulah Bankhead to Joan Crawford to the Kennedys and Madonna, the ultimate insider, Liz Smith has hobnobbed, air-kissed, and lunched with just about everybody who’s been anybody over the last half century — and then rushed to tell the world all about it. Now, in this candid, down-to-earth autobiography, she tells all about herself, and does it with the kind of style and warmth that has made her one of the most widely read columnists in history. But she wasn’t always famous, and in Natural Blonde she reveals how a young woman from rural Texas came to New York hell-bent on making something of her life. From her salad days as a small-time reporter, typist, and proofreader to her triumphs at the Daily News, Newsday, New York Post and her 1995 Emmy for reporting, Liz tells what it’s really like to be seen and heard by millions of people every day. One of the most quoted people of our time, she offers a rare, private peek into the real person behind the witty quips and media coverage.

Certainly one of the most eagerly anticipated autobiographies in years, Natural Blonde will give Liz Smith readers the item they’ve been waiting for — the ultimate inside scoop from the “Grande Dame of Dish.”


“Smith’s tale is a cornucopia of old-time glamour, filled with exactly the kind of dish you’d hope for.” —Newsday

“The good humor and honesty that Smith displays by letting her fans in on what only her hairdresser knew for sure grace this entire memoir . . . it’s dish that will draw most readers to this book, and Smith doesn’t disappoint, with (sometimes naughty but never tasteless) inside stories . . .” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Queen of scoops, rules over the never-so-gentle gossip world with a judicious hand. From Hollywood to New York, she’s gossip’s grande dame, the dirt disher divine . . . always plays fair . . . serving up juicy dish day after day . . .” —Vanity Fair

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Natural Blonde:
A Memoir