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My Life as Emperor: A Novel

By Su Tong

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ISBN 10: 1401374042

From the celebrated author of Raise the Red Lantern comes a spellbinding novel about life in the imperial court of a child emperor

In this chilling yet enormously entertaining tale by acclaimed Chinese writer Su Tong, a pampered and naïve 14-year-old prince finds himself, suddenly and unexpectedly, named Emperor and placed in the position of lord and ruler over an entire nation. A boy of few talents and limited interests, he soon grows drunk on his own power and learns to wield an iron fist in dealing with subjects inside and outside the palace. Narrated in retrospect by the ex-Emperor, this is a mesmerizing story of cruelty and decadence, of concubines and eunuchs, of lethal imperial rivalries and royal court intrigue.

Su Tong is one of the most celebrated Chinese writers today. The New York Times calls him ?an imaginative and skillful storyteller.? The publication of this book — his first in almost ten years — was an international literary event. His innovative, deftly constructed novels remain at the forefront of a growing body of work by a coterie of writers who have exposed new facts about China?s past and posed vital questions regarding the country?s future.


?Su Tong?s mesmerizing cinematic detail create[s] a powerful, terrifying, dreamlike story . . .? —Booklist

?Duanbai?s shaky grip on sanity makes him a particularly compelling figure . . .? —Washington Post Book World

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My Life as Emperor: A Novel