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Making Waves: A Novel

By Cassandra King

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ISBN 10: 0786887931
304 pages

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The first novel by the author of acclaimed national bestseller The Sunday Wife, now reissued in paperback.

In a small Alabama town in Zion County, life is finally looking up for 20-year-old Donnette Sullivan. Having just inherited her aunt’s old house and beauty shop, she’s taken over the business. Her husband, Tim, recently crippled in an accident, is beginning to cope not only with his disability but also with the loss of his dreams. Once a promising artist who gave up art for sports, Tim paints a sign for Donnette’s new shop, Making Waves, that causes ripples throughout the small southern community. In a sequence of events — sometimes funny, sometimes tragic — the lives of Donnette, Tim, and others in their small circle of family and friends are unavoidably affected. Once the waves of change surge through Zion County, the lives of its people are forever altered.


“You can?t go wrong with this winner.” —Birmingham News

“…many surprising and remarkable moments in what must be hailed as a major novel of recent years…This is a book that will last. —The Mobile Register

“Like all small Southern towns in literature, Zion is populated with plainspoken eccentrics…the story blasts into a big finish.”-Orlando Sentinel

Making Waves is as memorable as any book that I?ve read in years. It is an absolute delight.” –Terry Kay, author of The Runaway and To Dance With the White Dog

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Making Waves: A Novel