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Love You, Mean It

By Patricia Carrington

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ISBN 10: 1401309089
ISBN 13: 2147483647

Love You, Mean It is the story of four women who met when they lost their husbands in the 9/11 attacks. They describe how the power of friendship and putting love at the center of their lives enabled these close friends to get past their grief?a true story of friendship, empathy, and emerging hope.

Pattie Carrington, Julia Collins, Claudia Gerbasi, and Ann Haynes first met in July of 2002, drawn together by the unthinkable — ten months previously their beloved husbands had been killed in the World Trade Center. These four thirty-something women soon discovered they had much more in common than their shared suffering. From that first meeting they formed an unshakable bond, one that was grounded in grief?s unbearable intensity and a mutual determination to find ways to go on with their lives.

Taking their inspiration from their husbands?men who had all chosen to ?live life to the fullest??Pattie, Julia, Claudia, and Ann felt that their friendship was meant to be. They began calling themselves the Widows Club, signing off emails and phone conversations with a lighthearted phrase: Love you, mean it. ?Feeling this love for one another meant our hearts were beginning to open again. It was a risk?love brought with it the ever-present possibility of loss. But this was a risk worth taking. More than ever, we understood how important it was to put love at the center of our lives.?

In this shared memoir of loss and rebuilt lives, the four authors recount the experiences of the coming years, during which time they support and encourage one another toward brave new futures. Love You, Mean It is a book that will both console and inspire with its true story of friendship, empathy, and emerging hope.


?A moving look at how life went on for four wives who lost husbands and found each other?when the towers went down.? ?People

?A stirring testament to the power of friendship.? ?Entertainment Weekly

?Their book is not political, nor bitter. It?s mostly about emotions, about the worst of grief and the best of friendship. . . . It describes their pain and feelings of guilt, shares the awkwardness of dating again, and ends with a shared belief that there?s hope after grief.? ?USA Today

? ?Love you, mean it?, the women would tell one another, over and over?and readers will love them, too.? ?Publishers Weekly

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Love You, Mean It