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Last Year’s Jesus: A Novella and Nine Stories

By Ellen Slezak

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ISBN 10: 0786886382
256 pages

A first collection of interconnected stories by an award-winning writer with a distinctive voice and an unerring sense of place.

The stories in this affecting debut collection are populated by the sober, self effacing members of Detroit’s Polish-Catholic working class. Linked by place and characters, the stories create a world that feels both familiar and strange, where religion is a way of life, and traditions are carried down through the generations. But even this isolated community cannot remain immutable. In these wonderfully poignant and witty stories based on people and places she knows well, Ellen Slezak documents the colorful clash of young and old, of religious and secular, of traditional values and the temptations of the flesh. Like Winesburg, Ohio, Last Year’s Jesus creates a fully realized world teetering on the brink of change. Writing with tremendous empathy, warmth, and humor, Slezak brings to life the sights and sounds of a place she calls home — a place readers won’t soon forget.


“An interesting and itinerant feeling” —New York Times Book Review

“Impressive.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“True to its midwestern roots without being constricted by them” —Kirkus

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Last Year’s Jesus: A Novella and Nine Stories