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Impatient with Desire (Paperback)

By Gabrielle Burton

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ISBN 10: 1401341667
ISBN 13: 9781401341664
256 pages

Hyperion and Voice is pleased to announce that IMPATIENT WITH DESIRE has been named “Outstanding Western Novel” of 2010 by the Western Heritage Awards. Please visit this site for more information: Western Heritage Awards

The Donner Party
You know how some died.
Here’s how some lived.

“My heart is big with hope and impatient with desire.”
—Tamsen Donner, a letter to her sister

In the spring of 1846, Tamsen Donner, her husband, George, their five daughters, and eighty other pioneers headed west on the California-Oregon Trail in eager anticipation of new lives in California. Everything that could go wrong did, and an American legend was born.

The Donner Party. We think we know their story—starving pioneers trapped in the mountains performing an unspeakable act to survive—but we know only that one harrowing part of it.  Impatient with Desire brings to stunning life a woman—and a love story—behind the myth. Historians have long known that Tamsen kept a journal, though it was never found.  In Impatient with Desire, Burton imagines this lost journal—and paints a picture of a remarkable heroine in an extraordinary situation.


“Absolutely unforgettable.” —NPR, Fresh Air “Insightful and heart-wrenching. Powerfully written, this novel kept me entranced.” —San Francisco Book Review

“Beautifully written. Burton gives us a flesh-and-blood Tamsen Donner, brave, independent, kind, and determined.” —Nina Sankovitch’s Best Books of 2010

“Hauntingly lyrical . . . This bittersweet novel of love and sacrifice will tear at your heart.” —Sandra Dallas, author of Prayers for Sale

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Impatient with Desire (Paperback)