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Hot Plastic:
A Novel

By Peter Craig

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ISBN 10: 1401300448
352 pages

A fast-paced, cleverly conceived, utterly surprising suspense novel about father and son grifters and the female con artist who comes between them — Elmore Leonard meets Dennis Lehane meets Quentin Tarantino.

Kevin’s dad, Jerry, is a crook. And he taught his son every trick in the book. Masters of identity theft, Kevin and Jerry move from one seedy motel to another, always trying for the big score. Colette is a runaway who dreams of conning her way into the upper echelons of high society. Just a teenager, she’s already a tough and talented grifter, and soon becomes Jerry’s girlfriend and accomplice.

When Jerry is arrested, Colette makes Kevin her willing shill, dragging him along in her endless pursuit of sophistication. Meanwhile, Kevin’s compulsive pursuit of new cons, bolder hoaxes, and better forgeries leads them to violent and unimagined retributions. When Jerry is released on parole, the three are reunited for one final scam, a patchwork of old and new techniques that should set them all up for life. The question is, would they rather work together or show each other up? Hot Plastic is a hugely satisfying suspense novel about family and criminal intent from a fresh new voice.


“From the electric, jazzy beginning to the startling climax, Hot Plastic is a funny, smart and compulsively readable joyride.” –Richard North Patterson, author of Protect and Defend

“Buy an extra copy of Hot Plastic and keep it in mint condition. Peter Craig’s novel of outlaw life at the end of the century will be a collector’s item. It’s a winner.”  –Tony Hillerman

Hot Plastic is a terrific read. It’s smart, fast and sexy. It’s also funny-sad in a way that really got me. Peter Craig has a wonderful eye for the young, for fallen innocence, for all the ways our world fails us. Hot Plastic has depth and intelligence. I highly recommend it.” –T. Jefferson Parker, author of Cold Pursuit

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Hot Plastic:
A Novel