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Hope’s Boy:
A Memoir

By Andrew Bridge

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ISBN 10: 1401309747
ISBN 13: 2147483647

From the moment he was born, Andrew Bridge and his mother Hope shared a love so deep that it felt like nothing else mattered. Trapped in desperate poverty and confronted with unthinkable tragedies, all Andrew ever wanted was to be with his mom. But as her mental health steadily declined, and with no one else left to care for him, authorities arrived and tore Andrew from his screaming mother?s arms. In that moment, the life he knew came crashing down around him. He was only seven years old.

Hope was institutionalized, and Andrew was placed in what would be his devastating reality for the next eleven years?foster care. After surviving one of our country?s most notorious children?s facilities, Andrew was thrust into a savagely loveless foster family that refused to accept him as one of their own. Deprived of the nurturing he needed, Andrew clung to academics and the kindness of teachers. All the while, he refused to surrender the love he held for his mother in his heart. Ultimately, Andrew earned a scholarship to Wesleyan, went on to Harvard Law School, and became a Fulbright Scholar.

Andrew has dedicated his life?s work to helping children living in poverty and in the foster care system. He defied the staggering odds set against him, and here in this heartwrenching, brutally honest, and inspirational memoir, he reveals who Hope?s boy really is.


?Critics Choice . . . Shocking, inspiring, unforgettable.?
?People magazine

?Andrew Bridge has written an affecting, moving memoir which in the end is a poignant cry for rethinking our foster care system. Hope?s Boy will stay with you long after you?ve put it down.?
?Alex Kotlowitz, author of There Are No Children Here and The Other Side of the River

?In luminous prose and heartwrenching detail, Andrew Bridge reminds us to honor the power of love in our fractured world.?
–Caroline Kennedy

?Bridge, a Harvard Law School graduate who has devoted his career to children?s rights, has provided remarkable insights into a dark corner of American society.? —Publishers Weekly

Formerly the CEO/General Counsel of The Alliance for Children?s Rights, Andrew Bridge lives in New York City. He remains a dedicated and vocal advocate for children in foster care.

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Hope’s Boy:
A Memoir