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Gasping for Airtime:
Two Years in the Trenches of Saturday Night Live

By Jay Mohr

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ISBN 10: 1401308015
304 pages

Now in paperback, the revelatory and surprising memoir of life behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live, by former cast member Jay Mohr.

This insider account of the inner workings of Saturday Night Live provides the scoop on quirky guests, pitch meetings, fake pitch meetings, rehearsals, cast members, live broadcasts, and of course, getting airtime. Refreshingly honest and laugh-out-loud funny, this book will appeal to fans of Jay Mohr, devotees of Saturday Night Live, and young comics yearning for stand-up stardom.

Included in the book are Jay’s impressions on the behind-the-scenes machinations at Saturday Night Live, and he dishes on his fellow castmates, reminiscing about such moments as when:

  • Roseanne Barr refused to stop belching during a writers’ meeting.
  • Adam Sandler told the story of when Mr. Belvedere sat on his balls.
  • Chris Farley pulled down his pants and sat on the window ledge of NBC.


“His descriptions of Al Franken, Rob Schneider, and Ellen Cleghorne as jerks and of an excellent fistfight between Norm Macdonald and a staff writer contribute to SNL bad-behavior legend — no small feat.” —Entertainment Weekly

“His dishy insider details about TV’s most infamous comedy show are bizarre, fascinating, appalling, and hilarious.” —Gotham

“Fans of the show will especially like the snippets about such SNL figures as Chris Farley, Lorne Michaels, and Mike Myers. Good insider dish.” —Booklist

“An engagingly honest look at the crossroads of comedy and dysfunction.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Gasping for Airtime:
Two Years in the Trenches of Saturday Night Live