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First Fridays:
A Novel

By Cherlyn Michaels

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ISBN 10: 1401308147

A bright new talent in African-American fi ction returns with her second novel, filled with smarts, sass, and sex . . .

Naja?s on a nine-month countdown — for her baby, but not the kind you?d expect. Naja?s baby is an Internet cafĂ©, the entrepreneurial dream she?s been pursuing secretly while working in a St. Louis office. When she?s laid off, Naja finds herself looking for new ways to network; at her best friend?s suggestion, she attends a First Fridays gettogether. To her surprise, she meets Russ, a handsome, charismatic man who offers to back her venture. Soon enough, he wants more, but Naja is reluctant to mix business with pleasure. However, resisting Russ?s charms is trickier than she imagined . . .

Watch Cherlyn Michaels?s fan base grow as fast as the sexual tension in the pages of this fun, intelligent novel.


?A wonderful debut about dating, marriage, and family drama — something we all can relate to.? –Kimberla Lawson Roby



?He is such an ass!? I yelled in a whisper to my best friend over the phone. ?I don?t think it?s even possible for anybody to be any more stupid than he is.? I clicked alt?tab on my work computer to quickly change the screen from the com

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First Fridays:
A Novel