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Fanny and Sue: A Novel

By Karen Stolz

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ISBN 10: 0786886056
256 pages

Now available in paperback — from the author of World of Pies comes a charming portrait of the American heartland as told through the intertwined lives of twin sisters.

When Karen Stolz’s World of Pies was published two years ago, readers and critics alike savored every delicious word. Now Stolz returns to themes of childhood and coming of age in a poignant novel about twin sisters.

In beautifully rendered detail, Stolz reveals the pleasure of freshly laundered dresses and homemade fudge, the terror of childhood illness and quarrels, and the magical connection that only twins possess.

Set against the backdrop of St. Louis during the Great Depression, twins Fanny and Sue tell their charming story in alternating voices. Infused with humor and warmth, Stolz’s latest novel is certain to charm readers eager to experience life the way it used to be.


“Open this perfect time capsule of a book and experience a double helping of Karen Stolz’s gift for finding the miracles in everyday life wrapped in the bittersweetness of nostalgia for a time you’ve never known!”  –Sarah Bird, author of Virgin of the Rodeo

“If God is in the details, and I believe She is, then Fanny and Sue is a work of domestic divinity.” –Mary Willis Walker, author of The Red Scream

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Fanny and Sue: A Novel