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Down Came the Rain:
My Journey Through Postpartum Depression

By Brooke Shields

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ISBN 10: 1401308465

In her bestselling memoir, now in paperback, Brooke Shields shares with the world her deeply personal experience with postpartum depression

When Brooke Shields welcomed her newborn daughter to the world, her joyful expectations were quickly followed by something unexpected — a crippling depression. In what is sure to strike a chord with the millions of women who suffer from depression after childbirth, Brooke Shields shares how she, too, battled a condition that is widely misunderstood, despite the fact that it affects many new mothers. She discusses the illness in the context of her life, including her struggle to get pregnant, the high expectations she had for herself and that others placed on her as a new mom, and the role of her husband, friends, and family as she struggled to attain her maternal footing in the midst of a disabling depression.

Ultimately, Brooke shares how she found a way out through talk therapy, medication, and time.


?This inspiring story offers hope to the many women suffering from this illness, as well as to their families.? –Shari Lusskin, M.D., FAPA, Director of Reproductive Psychiatry, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Obstetrics and Gynecology, New York University School of Medicine

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Down Came the Rain:
My Journey Through Postpartum Depression