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Diary of the White Witch (eBook)

By Melissa de la Cruz

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ISBN 13: 9781401305123
336 pages

From Melissa de la Cruz, the New York Times bestselling author of the Blue Bloods and Witches of East End series, comes an enchanting prequel to the spellbinding Witches of East End series. An original eBook short story, Diary of the White Witch introduces the magical Beauchamp family as they attempt to reunite in the mist-shrouded Long Island town of North Hampton after centuries apart.

Ingrid, the older Beauchamp sister, has finally had enough with the backstabbing politics of academia and is leaving that world behind. She has her eye on a position as the archivist at the North Hampton Public Library, in the town where Joanna, her mother, is living. The strangest dreams have been plaguing Ingrid’s sleep lately, and she just can’t shake the feeling that her family needs to get back together—and soon. Even stranger, though, is what occurs on Ingrid’s journey south: a mysterious train accident that has the mark of black magic. But who would be practicing magic given the Restriction since Salem? And black magic at that …

Ingrid has an interview at the library, but the real challenge may be convincing Freya, Ingrid’s wild-child younger sister, to move out to the small town. Freya is serving up drinks at a rambunctious Manhattan bar and drinking too much herself. In an effort to convince Freya to say goodbye to the Holiday Lounge, Ingrid taps into Freya’s lifeline and tells her that she will find her true love in North Hampton. Well, it doesn’t look quite that simple, but there is a man with dashing good looks in Ingrid’s vision. Freya, who has been a serial one-night-stand girl, is dubious, but not completely disinterested.

Written as Ingrid’s personal journal entries, Diary of the White Witch is a delicious peek at a captivating series that fans and newcomers alike won’t want to miss.

Praise for the Witches of East End series:

“Smart, stylish, and just a bit wicked, the witches in Melissa de la Cruz’s Witches of East End series manage to be both thoroughly modern and delightfully mythic.”
—Deborah Harkness, New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night

“Move over, zombies, vampires, and werewolves, and make way for witches … a juicy new franchise.”
Entertainment Weekly

“A bubbling cauldron of mystery and romance … breezy fun.”

“A magical and romantic page-turner … De la Cruz has created a family of empathetic women who are both magically gifted and humanly flawed.”
Washington Post

“Casts a spell.”
Los Angeles Times

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Diary of the White Witch (eBook)

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