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Conflict of Interest:
A Novel

By Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

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ISBN 10: 0786889845
320 pages

Joanne Kuhlman is a razor-sharp Assistant District Attorney, the kind of prosecutor who shows no mercy to the guilty and gets her conviction. That changes when she finds herself in the unfamiliar position of feeling sympathy for a defendant — a young man accused of armed robbery and of trafficking in an ingenious new weapon more dangerous than any Joanne or the police have ever encountered. And when Joanne feels herself becoming attracted to the defendant’s handsome defense attorney, she knows she is placing her career in grave jeopardy.

Still piecing her life together after a nasty divorce and child custody battle, Joanne is now thrown into ethical and emotional turmoil as she must weigh the likelihood of the defendant’s innocence against her own sworn responsibility. Teaming up with her opponent, defense lawyer Arnold Dreiser, Joanne begins assembling a jigsaw of vicious betrayal and innocence lost.

Bestselling novelist Nancy Taylor Rosenberg is back with a vengeance in this nail-biting new thriller that keeps the surprises coming until the last page. Shocking and suspenseful, with a heroine readers will love and a plot they won’t be able to resist, Conflict of Interest is Nancy Taylor Rosenberg at her page-turning best.


“Rosenberg’s legal thrillers make the most of breakneck pacing and high-energy plotting.” —Booklist

“Fans can be counted on to snap up her latest” —Publishers Weekly

“Watch your pulse and don’t forget to breathe. Nancy Taylor Rosenberg’s legal thrillers are a guaranteed adrenaline rush!” –Tess Gerritsen, author of The Surgeon



Thursday, February 8, 2001, 7:45 A.M.

Eli Connors gazed up at the morning sky, watching as a flock of seagulls soared over his head. At forty-eight, he was a quiet, introspecti

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Conflict of Interest:
A Novel