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Cadillac Jukebox

By James Lee Burke

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ISBN 10: 0786889187
464 pages

When former Klansman and piney-woods outcast Aaron Crown is finally imprisoned for a decades-old murder, it is to Detective Dave Robicheaux that he proclaims his innocence loudest. Crown seems to be a lightning rod for every kind of trouble that the state of Louisiana can unearth. A documentary film writer seeking to prove Crown’s innocence is found murdered; a button man for the New Orleans mob accuses Robicheaux of taking a pay-off to ignore Crown.

But it is when Buford LaRose — scion of an old Southern family and author of a book on the Crown case — is elected governor that Dave Robicheaux’s involvement with Aaron Crown deepens to a level he can barely fathom. And it is Buford’s social-climbing wife, Karyn, with whom Robicheaux had an affair years before, who proves to be his most poisonous adversary.

Filled with thrilling adventure, lightning-paced action, and street smart realism, Cadillac Jukebox is a brilliant addition to Burke’s standout Dave Robicheaux series.


Cadillac Jukebox is pure Burke — equal parts hardboiled action, lush descriptions of the natural world, and dialogue that leaps from the page.” —People

Cadillac Jukebox is terrific reading. Few writers in America can evoke a region as well as Burke.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“If you haven’t read Burke, get going.” —Playboy

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Cadillac Jukebox