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Burning Angel

By James Lee Burke

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ISBN 10: 0786889047
464 pages

A brutal legacy of cruelty and hate is awakened in the Bayou.

When Sonny Boy Marsallus returns to New Iberia after fleeing for Central America to avoid the wrath of the powerful Giacana family, his old troubles soon follow. Meanwhile Dave Robicheaux becomes entangled in the affairs of the Fontenot family, descendants of sharecroppers whose matriarch helped raise Dave as a child. They are in danger of losing the land they’ve lived on for more than a century.

As Dave tries to discover who wants the land so badly, he finds himself in increasing peril from a lethal, rag tag alliance of local mobsters and a hired assassin with a shady past. And when a seemingly innocent woman is brutally murdered, all roads intersect, and Sonny Boy is in the middle.

With the usual James Lee Burke combination of brilliant action and unforgettable characters, Burning Angel is the author at his best — showing that old hatreds and new ones are not that far apart.


“It’s amazing that Burke manages to keep playing this same gut-wrenching tune without its beginning to sound like fingernails on a blackboard, but every time our ears start to hurt, he finds a new way to bend the same note, and we’re hooked again.” —Booklist

“Pulsating adventure.” —San Jose Mercury News

“Wonderful writing . . . Don’t miss this book. It’s one of the years best.” —Detroit Free Press

“Burke is off on a chase that is at once engrossing and . . . convincing.” —Washington Post

“Burke’s writing crackles with style and authority.” —New York Daily News

“. . . well-crafted suspense. Skillfully evoked settings add to the book’s appeal. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal


from Chapter One

Her hair is curly and gold on the pillow, her skin white in the heat lightning that trembles beyond the pecan trees outside the bedroom window. The night is hot and breathless, the clouds painted like horsetails against the sky;

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Burning Angel