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Buried Evidence

By Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

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ISBN 10: 0786889837
368 pages

With more than 4.5 million books sold, New York Times bestselling author Nancy Taylor Rosenberg has crafted a gripping new legal thriller — as compelling as her blockbuster bestseller Mitigating Circumstances.

When the accuser becomes the accused . . .

As a dedicated district attorney, Lily Forrester presents the perfect image of a defender of justice. Only she knows the dark secret of what happened six years ago, when a desperate crisis drove her to step outside the law and exact a horrifying personal vengeance. Now her ex-husband, faced with serious criminal charges, threatens to expose her unless she compromises her most cherished beliefs to help him. A violent rapist she put behind bars is back on the streets and looking for her. Her beloved daughter seems to be the target of a dangerous madman. And Lily must call on her deepest strength to face her accusers and ensure that the values she holds most dear will triumph. In this taunt new thriller, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg displays the brilliant legal expertise and dramatic flair that have made her books classics of suspense.

This long-awaited novel, filled with her trademark intriguing, complex characters and explosive storylines is a surefire recipe for success. Both dedicated fans and first-time readers will be both thrilled and satisfied. This is Nancy Taylor Rosenberg at her nail-biting best.


“Nancy Taylor Rosenberg is back with a vengeance, and Buried Evidence is the best evidence that she’s at the top of her game!” –Lisa Scottoline, author of The Vendetta Defense

“Watch your pulse and don’t forget to breathe. Nancy Taylor Rosenberg’s legal thrillers are a guaranteed adrenaline rush!” –Tess Gerritsen, author of The Surgeon

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Buried Evidence