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Breathing For A Living:
A Memoir

By Laura Rothenberg

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ISBN 10: 0786888695
256 pages

Now in paperback comes the moving account by an extraordinary young woman who mounted a daily struggle with cystic fibrosis in an effort to lead an ordinary life.

Twenty-one-year-old Laura Rothenberg had always tried to live a normal life — even with lungs that betrayed her and a constant awareness that she might not live to see her next birthday. Like most people born with cystic fibrosis, the chronic disease that affects primarily the lungs, Laura struggled to come to grips with a life that had already been compromised in many ways. Sometimes healthy and able to attend school, other times hospitalized for weeks, Laura found solace in keeping a diary. In her writing, she could be open, honest, and irreverent, like the young person she was. Yet behind this voice is a penetrating maturity about her mortality, revealing a will and temperament that is fierce and insightful.


“Scrappy, tenacious and vibrant.” —New York Times

“An immense courage is on display here, a marvelous and rare courage.” —Washington Post Book World

“Remarkable.” —Glamour magazine

“It provokes a rush of feeling . . .” —San Francisco Chronicle

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Breathing For A Living:
A Memoir