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Blood Father:
A Novel

By Peter Craig

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ISBN 10: 0786888555

Now in paperback, a gripping novel about a young woman being chased by her violent past, and the flawed father forced to come to her rescue

Lydia Carson is an accident waiting to happen. Strung out, she?s always running from disaster, and more often she?s running right into it. Now at seventeen, Lydia has stumbled onto real trouble. Not only has she witnessed a brutal murder perpetrated by her boyfriend, but his minions are out to make sure that she doesn?t have a story to tell the police.

John Link is a former Hell?s Angel, an ex-con, trying to stay clean and sober while running a tattoo parlor from the kitchen of his trailer home. He?s also Lydia?s long-estranged father, and when both the police and her boyfriend?s thugs are hot on Lydia?s trail, Link becomes Lydia?s only hope.

From the highly acclaimed author of Hot Plastic, Blood Father is a gripping novel that confirms Peter Craig?s place among the best crime novelists of his generation.


?Blood Father is a tensely plotted journey rendered with action-filled writing that calls up Robert Stone at his best.? –Douglas Unger, author of Looking for War

?Blood Father is the best novel I?ve read so far this year, and Peter Craig is a phenomenal writer.? –Scott Phillips, author of Cottonwood

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Blood Father:
A Novel