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Black Water

By T. Jefferson Parker

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ISBN 10: 0786890169
ISBN 13: 9780786890163
416 pages

Detective Merci Rayborn is back! From the bestselling, Edgar-nominated author comes a new novel crackling with murder, love, betrayal — and marking the highly anticipated return of detective Merci Rayborn.

Welcome to a cat and mouse game that only bestselling novelist T. Jefferson Parker could script. A beautiful young woman is dead in the bathroom of her home. Her husband — a promising young cop named Archie Wildcraft — is shot in the head but still alive. It looks like an attempted murder/suicide, but something tells Detective Merci Rayborn that there’s more to the story. When the suspect vanishes from his hospital bed, he draws Merci into a manhunt that leaves the entire department questioning her abilities and her judgment. Is Archie’s flight the act of a ruined mind, or a faithful heart? Is his account of the night his wife was murdered half-formed memory, or careful manipulation? Merci and Wildcraft head for a collision in a dizzying succession of cryptic clues, terrifying secrets, and painful truths. This sharp new thriller will satisfy Parker fans across the country — and leave first-time readers clamoring for more.


“Merci is so perversely enjoyable that Parker could probably spin his color-coded series all the way to vermilion.” —People

“Parker writes at the top of his form.” —Los Angeles Times

“Parker scores again with a heroine whose steely toughness is leavened by warmth and vulnerability.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[Merci Rayborn] is sure to become popular with new fans as well as old.” —Library Journal

“A showcase for mood, setting, and pace.” —Publishers Weekly

“A thoughtful, multilayered tale in which crime is a catalyst rather than the centerpiece.” —Booklist

“I rank the crime novels of T. Jefferson Parker right up there with the best. Solid story-telling, compelling characters, and a writing style so engaging you can’t put the book down. I’m one of his most enthusiastic fans!” –Sue Grafton

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Black Water

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