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Beyond Recognition

By Ridley Pearson

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ISBN 10: 0786889284
656 pages

There is a homicidal arsonist loose in Seattle. Single mothers are being killed in fires that burn hotter than experts have ever seen. The children are spared. Why? For Seattle Police Sergeant Lou Boldt and the department’s psychologist, Daphne Matthews, the High Temperature Accelerant fires challenge their every resource. The fuel used in these deadly fires is as much a mystery as the identity of the arsonist who sets them. A Seattle fire marshal reveals to Boldt the ominous quotations sent to him before each of the fires. A twelve-year-old boy, caught in an ugly battle at home, unintentionally witnesses a drug deal that may not involve drugs at all, but ingredients far more volatile and lethal. Did the boy, in fact, see the arsonist’s face? Can police rely on a twelve-year-old as a witness? Or is the fire marshal, his past suddenly in question, more involved than anyone wants to believe?


“Moving from one punchy scene to the next, this fuse-burning suspense tale is wonderful reading for a wide audience.” —Library Journal

“. . . Pearson has all the sharps and flats he needs to keep his roller-coaster rhythm rising and falling, speeding and slowing, yet somehow always building, winding us tighter.” —Booklist

“. . . will give your heart more exercise than a ten-mile run.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Beyond Recognition