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As If Love Were Enough

By Anne Taylor Fleming

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ISBN 10: 1401307485
ISBN 13: 2147483647

A mesmerizing, lyrical novel about sisters, secrets, and forgiveness from the acclaimed author of Marriage: A Duet

When Clare Layton, a successful fortysomething New York writer in a (somewhat) fulfilling relationship with a married man, hears from her sister Louise after twenty-seven years, she warily accepts a rapprochement. But Clare soon finds that little is as she believes, about both her sister?s current life and their shared Hollywood childhood during the turbulent sixties . . .


?Fleming is a quiet, intelligent, forceful voice on the page . . .? —O, The Oprah Magazine

“There’s a good deal of pleasure to be had from Fleming’s sharp eye for less-than-admirable sentiments, her brisk and intelligent prose, her unfailing ability to lob plot twists at us . . . She knows how to keep us turning the pages.” —Los Angeles Times

“Brimming with intelligence, humanity, and a dead-on eye for our foibles and means of survival. Precise and wild all at once; sometimes very funny; always honest, wise, and real.” –Anne Lamott, author of Plan B

“A touching, even spiritual, story of sacrifice and redemption that manages to be funny and modern, like Anne Taylor Fleming’s admired PBS essays.” –Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce

“Daring, original, surprising, and wise. A marvelous tale of redemption that captured my heart and held me until the end.” –Mark Salzman, author of Lying Awake and The Soloist

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As If Love Were Enough