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All Fishermen Are Liars:
True Adventures at Sea

By Linda Greenlaw

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ISBN 10: 0786888784
240 pages

Catch this New York Times bestseller, now in paperback.

Linda Greenlaw, the New York Times bestselling author of The Lobster Chronicles and The Hungry Ocean, brings us a riveting and uproarious collection of tales of fishing and adventure at sea.

Brimming with stories of the most eccentric crew member, the funniest episode, the biggest fish, the worst on-board mishaps, and the wildest night at sea, All Fishermen Are Liars gives readers more of what they have come to love and expect from Linda Greenlaw — quirky characters, slyly hilarious descriptions, and edge-of-the-seat thrills. These tall tales, told in Linda’s inimitable style, will hook seafarers and landlubbers alike.


“Greenlaw is a terrific spinner of sea stories.” —The New York Times Book Review

“You can?t help but be a bit in awe of Greenlaw for her gustiness, and she comes across as so darn likable you wish you were sitting at the Dry Dock with her . . . All fishermen may be liars, but few of them can spin a tale the way Greenlaw does.” —The Miami Herald

“Boisterous nostalgia and Atlantic Ocean enlightenment . . . Greenlaw retells some choice big ones that otherwise would have gotten away and, in the bargain, makes an honorary crew member out of anyone who cracks open her book.” —

“Indeed, Greenlaw’s love for fishing and the sea invigorates her prose. Her beautifully compelling description of life at sea is so irresistible, it’s all I can do not to head for the nearest fishing vessel and (try to) sign on . . . A book that will hook readers from the launch and make them glad that they didn?t allow it to be the ‘one that got away.'” —

“A refreshing antidote . . . She’s a rare and welcome voice in the maritime world . . . There are several real white-knuckled weather stories . . . All the stories have a way of taking you somewhere you’ll probably never be.” —The Seattle Times

“With each chapter, the tales grow wilder, the one-that-got-away bigger and the love of the sea deeper. The book picks up speed and increases in saltiness with each turn of the tiller . . . Greenlaw’s writing is appealing, her style easy and pleasant . . . Greenlaw’s lessons are never preachy and rarely render her infallible. In fact, her self-effacing honesty, if you can believe a fisherman, is endearing, amusing, excruciating and awe-inspiring . . . Each of the book’s barroom tales, mixed with excessive drinking and the puffing of egos, conveys the feel of the wind, the sting of the salt air, and the acrid smell of fish guts and diesel fumes to all those eavesdroppers willing to lean a little closer in.” —Rocky Mountain News

All Fishermen Are Liars is the cure for your summer doldrums, and just about anything else you can name . . . funny, thrilling, wise, and almost impossible to put down.” —Down East magazine



Getting Under Way

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All Fishermen Are Liars:
True Adventures at Sea