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Air Force One

By Kenneth T. Walsh

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ISBN 10: 0786888199
288 pages

Now in paperback, this definitive history of Air Force One by the award-winning chief White House correspondent for U.S. News & World Report is a “marvelous book brimming with unforgettable anecdotes.” (David Brinkley)

From FDR’s prop-driven Pan Am to the glimmering blue-and-white jumbo 747 on which George W. Bush travels, the president’s plane has captured the public’s awe and imagination and is recognized around the world as a symbol of American power. In this unique book, Air Force One is revealed as a very special habitat that functions as an invaluable window on each of the presidents who occupy it.

Based on interviews with five living presidents, scores of past and present government officials, and staff and crew members of Air Force One, Walsh’s book features countless fascinating and often outrageous stories of life aboard the “flying White House.”


“Walsh brings a journalist?s eye and a historian?s sense of scholarship…Walsh takes you behind the scenes, and into the inner sanctums of power aboard the president?s plane. It?s a fascinating history.” –Marlin Fitzwater

“For modern presidents, Air Force One has become far more than a magic carpet: It is a symbol of national pride, a central command post, and a personal sanctuary…Walsh captures both the men and their most memorable moments aboard. This is a first-class seat for a whale of a ride.” –David Gergen




AIR FORCE ONE is more than an airplane. It has become one of the most distinctive icons in the world.

As the personal jet of the president of the United States, it is a symbol of

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Air Force One