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A Sunday in June: A Novel

By Phyllis Alesia Perry

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ISBN 10: 0786886897
384 pages

Now in paperback, an electrifying novel of love, brutality, and transcendence.

In a remarkable follow-up to her highly acclaimed first novel, Stigmata, Phyllis Alesia Perry chronicles the lives of three sisters who experience much more than the bond of family. Eva, Mary Nell, and Grace share with each other and with generations of their female ancestors the ability to see into the future and to remember the pain of the past, even of events long before their birth.


“Phyllis Perry’s characters wrap themselves around your heart.” —Detroit News & Free Press

“Distinctive dialogue, evocative prose, and themes that encompass the legacy, Perry continues the mesmerizing story of the Mobley family.” —Booklist

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A Sunday in June: A Novel