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By Polly Williams

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ISBN 10: 1401309860
ISBN 13: 978

Right time. Right dress. Right man?

The author of The Yummy Mummy returns with a sparkling, hilarious look at what happens when you meet the wrong man at the right time.

Two weeks before her wedding, Stevie Jonson, a successful graphic designer in her mid-thirties, has got serious jitters. Is she finally growing up, or compromising horribly? In love or in denial? Her teenage crush (aka The One That Got Away) is back in town, a reminder of everything her fiancé isn?t, and that niggling little voice in her head is getting louder all the time. By the time Stevie steps into her 1930s vintage wedding dress for the last fitting, her life is coming apart at the seams. A Bad Bride?s Tale is a grown-up love story about marrying, mating, compromising?and how love doesn?t have a timetable.


?British author Polly Williams uses a large cast of characters, whose stories crisscross, to weave a vivid tale of second chances and finding true love.?
?USA Today

?Williams?s infectious romp shows what happens just before a woman surrenders to respectable adulthood. The novel packs a lot of laughs and delivers a snazzy payoff in the last chapter. Take this one to the beach.?
?Publishers Weekly

?This engaging second effort from Williams is packed with juicy twists of fate and karmic encounters. Shunning the traditional boy meets girl and lives happily every after formula, Williams treats readers to second chances and hard-won successes on the battlefields of love.?
?Kirkus Reviews

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