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By Maria Beaumont

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ISBN 10: 1401340946
ISBN 13: 2147483647

On the eve of her 37th birthday, tough and funny Fran Clark finds herself in a role she would never have envisioned: that of a desperate housewife. Once upon a time she had a vibrant career as a voice-over artist; now she obsesses over the ruthless mothers? scene at her children?s school and whether or not her husband is having an affair at the office. When Fran?s drinking spirals out of control, she knows she has hit rock bottom. The only place to go is up. 37 is a searingly intimate and compulsively readable novel, a very modern diary of a (not quite) mad housewife.


?A gift for dissatisfied housewives.?
?Kirkus Reviews

?[Fran] may be a desperate housewife, but her observations about life near 40 are hilarious.?
?OK! Magazine

?Enjoyable mommy lit . . . ample doses of British humor.?
?Publishers Weekly

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A Novel